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My name is Christopher, I live in Kansas City. I help admin a Facebook group, based on psychedelics and philosophy, which is home to about 180,000 people. FB Groups are not really conducive to free speech, nor are they effective for groups above about 5000 people. This Mastodon instance is in place to fulfill the need for privacy from predatory corporations, and freedom from authoritarians.

#Psychedelics unlock the #overvieweffect: "a breakthrough shift in perspective catalysed by the perception of the #unity & #interconnectedness of life on Earth, often resulting in a strong desire to protect the planet."

Would the ecological literacy of our species have developed differently had these tools for glimpsing the ‘overview’ been #safeguarded rather than #outlawed?"


@admin this is exactly how I used psilocybin to overcome the worst of my anxiety disorder.

In seconds, several phobias vanished. OCD fell by the wayside the next day.

"During our conversation, Alarcón emphasized that for many indigenous South American cultures, dogs are not simply animals “to be put on a leash and [walked].” She added, “For us, the dog is more than that.” Her own dog, Matthew, also went through training using psychedelics under the supervision of village elders, including an ayahuasca blend specifically meant for animals."

“Most of the papers that discuss current psychedelic therapy mention the mystical-type or peak experience as a mediator of the long term clinical changes,” explained Leor Roseman, the corresponding author of the study...

“However, in practice, and based on qualitative research, it is known that there are other important mediators. One of them are moments of emotional catharsis within a psychedelic session.”

"For the uninitiated psychedelic drugs are psychoactive drugs whose primary action is to alter the thought processes of the brain. These trippy drugs are thought to disable filters which lock or suppress signals related to everyday functions from reaching the conscious mind.

Psychedelic drugs are actually a subcategory of hallucinogens and can be broken down into three main categories."

If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
If you do not have a problem, but need to justify your love for wielding hammers, everything will become a nail.

I talked to my son for the first time in a few years. Hes doing great, and wants to come to K.C. for a visit. Im pretty stoked!

"Among a small group of people, researchers led by Maastricht University in the Netherlands found that inhaling dried-and-powdered toad secretions resulted in increased life satisfaction, better mindfulness, and a decrease in psychopathological symptoms for the duration of the four-week-long study.

According to the team, this result shows more research is needed into the potential beneficial effects of 5-MeO-DMT."

I have a subwoofer in my living room that is made for permanent install in a commercial music venue. I can only use it for a few minutes at sizable volume before becoming paranoid that the police will be at my door.

Did just a tiny bit of tweaking. And here is t my favorite part of the painting: the various brought colors! #mastoArt #traditionalArt

Putting out another call: I'm looking for #musicians using #Linux or #opensource software to create their tunes.

All genres welcome, as long as it's quality!

This is for my podcast Linux For Everyone. To be honest, this stuff is hard to find.

Help me find it!

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